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Bridges consist of a unit of multiple crowns held together to replace missing teeth. They ‘bridge’ the gap between healthy teeth. Particular attention must be paid to oral hygiene to ensure the success of these restorations.

Our hygienist will fully educate you on the best way to look after your new restoration. Alternative methods to replace missing teeth involve using dentures and dental implants

dentures and bridge before
denture and bridge after

Denture/bridge case- - this patient had their old unsightly denture replaced with a modern, cosmetic alternative. Their lower teeth were replaced with a fixed bridge to restore function


Crowns are used to strengthen damaged, root filled or decayed teeth. In addition to their protective function, crowns are used cosmetically to improve the tooth appearance by changing it’s shape , size and colour.

At Radiant we have a range of crowns to suit different situations. Once crowns are fitted they look completely natural and indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth. During your consultation we explain the different options available to you.

straight teeth before treatment
straight teeth treatment after

Crown case - this patient had a full mouth smile makeover involving crowns, whitening and replacement of missing teeth with partial dentures