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Radiant’s most popular cosmetic procedure is tooth whitening. We have researched all the different whitening systems available on the market today to ensure our patients receive the best whitening product.

Under supervision of our dentists , whitening is completely safe. Customised trays hold the whitening gel snugly over your teeth . The carbamide peroxide breaks down as oxygen enters the enamel and dentine to bleach out the discolouration and give the bright whitening effect. The tooth structure is not changed, they are simply made whiter.

The results are visible within days but it is recommended that the home kits are used every night for two weeks. The whitening may be permanent although the duration depends upon you, If you regularly use coffee,tea ,tobacco or red wine, you may need to top up periodically.

To make an appointment, please call us on 028 6634 0005 , or email us at info@radiantdentistry.co.uk

tooth whitening before
tooth whitening after

Tooth whitening case- a combination of 'internal bleaching' of the darkened tooth and provision of an 'at home' whitening kit transformed this patients smile in just a few weeks

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inman after treatment